Preparing You For

The Road Ahead

When it comes to your family, Todd Alexander, Attorney at Law understands the need for a balance of compassion and determination. Divorce proceedings involve a wide range of issues and choosing the right divorce attorney can make all the difference in the outcome. We work to protect your standard of living, your ability to participate in the life of your minor child and your freedom.

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At Todd Alexander, Attorney at Law, one of our goals is to secure our clients’ best interests without adding more fuel to potentially contentious disputes. In divorce cases, mediation allows a couple and their attorneys to work in a way that reduces stress and anxiety and quickly moves toward resolution.

Top Five Benefits of Divorce Mediation

1. Cost & Time Savings

Mediation saves you money because it sidesteps long, drawn-out litigation, allowing you to save money on attorney fees. Contested divorces can take six months or more, while mediation usually takes only seven to ten two-hour meetings when children are involved. The costs for mediation are determined by the number of hours it takes to reach a resolution.

2. Additional Privacy

In mediation, no court appearance is necessary. There is no court reporter taking down every word said. In mediation proceedings, your personal information is held in confidence and any notes taken by the mediator are confidential.

3. Better Communication

Because mediation is a collaborative process, agreements between the couple are reached only when the couple says “yes” to each other. This promotes an atmosphere of trust and a willingness to resolve issues.

4. Protection of Child/Parent Relationships

When parents communicate and cooperate rather than engage in an adversarial process, this has a positive influence on children. Mediation helps spare children from the trauma and burden of the difficult divorce process.

5. Ability to control decisions & agreements

Unlike the one-size-fits-all court process, mediation proceedings give couples more control over the outcome and allow them to formulate customized solutions that meet their needs. In court, the judge has total control and may offer a solution that does not work for you.

qualities to look for when choosing a mediator

Dedicated to the practice of mediation

Attorneys with strong backgrounds and credentials have a different mindset than trial attorneys. They are trained to be fair and impartial and to help you and your spousefind common ground, rather than battle to win at all costs.

Empowers you to make wise decisions

A good mediator helps you thoroughly understand your circumstances and your legal options so you can make the decisions that have the best chance for long-term success.

Understands complex financial matters & interpersonal relationships

A divorce requires you to sort out matters like child custody, child/spousal support, division of assets and division of debt. An experienced mediator is comfortable and confident handling complex marital estates and high net worth property division issues.